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The weather in Los Cabos is almost always hot and sunny! With low humidity, the climate is ideal to relax and catch some rays or get busy and do some surfing, snorkeling or be bold and go parasailing - check out all our activities. Temperatures vary only slightly through the year with highs in the mid 90s in the Summer, mid 80s in the Spring and Fall and mid 70s in the Winter. It rains less than 10 days a year on average.

January 72-79 60-65
February 72-75 60-65
March 74-77 60-65
April 79-84 63-67
May 80-85 65-70
June 80-85 67-72
July 87-92 73-79
August 90-95 76-80
September 90-85 76-80
October 85-91 74-79
November 80-85 65-70
December 73-80 65-70